Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Present For You

In honor of school starting for my kids this week, which puts me in a good mood for many reasons...

1.  They are so excited to try a new school and see if their teachers like them.
2.  I have more free time with half the kids off to school filling their minds with knowledge.
3.  School supplies make me happy.  It's one of the side effects of being a teacher.

...I would like to present to you one of my hidden secrets.  When I teach college classes, it is one of my little additions that people find charming.  I used them everyday in the classroom, too.  They are Dr. Jean's cheers.  Why have the class applaud or clap when they can do a cheer?  It's an equalizer, a tone setter, and really fun.  This link HERE will take you to Dr. Jean's newsletter which has tons of cute ideas for the primary grade teacher, but at the top, you'll find the cheer cards.  Print them out in color, glue them on cardstock, laminate and stick them on a ring, because you'll love, love, love these!

Here's an example:

You'll thank me later!

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