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Welcome!  I'm Michelle or MPFlory as you might know me.  I use that name as my byline for my author endeavors.  Plus it reminds me of when I was in first grade and was Michelle P. and wished I was my classmate Michelle E. instead to avoid the teasing.  That was back in the days when I moved every year as a military family. Now, I've settled in the Rocky Mountains and travel often to help ease my restless soul.

Let me introduce myself…I live in a small town in Utah and have six young children at home.  One is in seventh grade, one is fourth, and my little ones are seven, five, three and two years old.  I stay at home with them most days and work in a variety of teaching endeavors on occasion and at night.  My teaching experience has included kindergarten, third, fifth for a number of years, sixth and middle school math.  I am also a Reading Specialist and tutor children and coach teachers in that area.  Blogging is my guilty pleasure which I squeeze in to share things I am involved in and think might be informative to world of literacy.  

I recently moved from Gilbert, AZ where where I supervised student teachers and taught for five Universities.  I taught literacy courses for Mesa Community College, Ottawa, and Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and Grand Canyon University.  Since moving here, I’ve lessened my load a little and teach for Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Ottawa and Grand Canyon.  

The courses I teach are elementary education, curriculum, classroom management, and of course, literacy oriented.  I've taught over 60 different classes and all the reading classes needed for a reading endorsement. Children's literature is my favorite class to teach.  I'm an active member of lots of literacy and research organizations and am a frequent speaker at statewide and national conferences.  

I have had literacy articles published and two book chapters published.  I am trying to conquer my next goal of becoming a children’s book author.  Of course, my motivation for all these endeavors is to be able to spend each day with my small children as they grow. 

If I wasn't crazy enough juggling all that, I'm finishing up my PhD with Utah State University in literacy and instructional leadership.  I'm excited to be a student and a teacher at the same time. :)  

I used to think that my background was "splintered" but now I feel like having my hand in many pockets has informed me in a more versatile way.  Hopefully you'll find something on this site that will interest you like it interests me!

In all of my activities, jobs and experiences, I like to focus and filter opportunities through my professional Mission Statement which is:

"Expanding Global Literacy and Improving Knowledge through positive interactions with books, teachers, and children."

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