Friday, April 27, 2012

Leprachaun Traps Again Part 3

The show and tell part of the day...100% student engagement!  They were mesmerized!

Hey...that's my daughter.  She put a few rolos inside and a toy so Larry the Leprechaun could entertain himself a little.  

A shiny ring on a piece of toilet paper held up by coins covering a trap door. 

Love the pencil ladder...

That's all for this years Trap Ideas.  Till next time...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leprachaun Traps Again Part 2

More trap example...

Pencil hooked to string to drop lid.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Leprechaun Traps Again

I posted last year about Leprechaun Traps found HERE but was invited into my daughters first grade room to document the various traps built this year.  They were very creative.  

Trap door under the leaves by the gold.

Hole under the moss

Monkey bars above with a loose bar that will fall down into the trap door area.

More to come later...

Friday, April 20, 2012

St. Patricks Day Mischief

I never realized what a big deal it is around here to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  My kids school had lots of fun plans.  Here is my daughters first grade room that was invaded by a very sneaky leprechaun.  He got into all sorts of mischief.  

One day he left his hat, which the class held ransom.  

He wasn't too happy about it so he left a note.  The kids thought his name, Larry, was funny.

They wrote back to him negotiating that if he gave back the bag of gold candy stolen off the teachers desk, he'd get his hat back.

He never did. 

I took some pics of her read a loud books while I was there though.  My collection of St. Patrick's Day books are pretty slim. 

Meanwhile, my daughter at home began building her leprechaun trap.  Here's our trial run.   

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scratch n Sniff Books

When I was a kid, I would always spend my book fair money on those novelty books that have pop ups, or flip windows or the best of all...the one's with scratch n sniff features.  I can still remember that lovely Strawberry Shortcake smell...especially since I just read it last night.  You can still buy these type of books at book stores.

That's why I'm VERY excited for this new book which not only is Sniffy but also Smelly!  My kids would love it!

"New York has been immortalized over and over again in literature — but never quite like this. The folks over at Good recently alerted us to the existence of a strange (and smelly) new children’s book, New York, Phew York: A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure, which is, you guessed it, a scratch-n-sniff tour of New York City, brought to you by first time author Amber Jones.
“I work in Times Square and one day while I was walking to the train I got a delicious whiff of pizza. As I was was looking in the window at the pizza, deciding if I should buy a slice, I didn’t realise I was steeping in horse manure,” Jones told the Guardian. “I went to the corner to make sure I didn’t get any on my shoe and was engulfed by shish kebab smoke from a food cart. It’s then I thought ‘there should be a scratch-n-sniff guide of New York’. Wha-la! The idea was born.”
The book covers 19 neighborhoods and 30 smells, including Red Apple, Strawberry, Garbage, Pizza, Hot dogs, Sewer steam, Fish, Churros, Peanuts, Horse Manure, Shish-kabobs, Smoke, Bagels, Grass, Piragua Ice Cone, Pickles, Pastrami, and more. Traditional publishers refused to take the idea on, turned off by the cost of production and the idea that readers wouldn’t pay to sniff gross stuff, but Jones managed to raise enough money to self-publish via Kickstarter, and you can now pre-order the book and read more over at her website at "

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rowlings New One

Go HERE to find out the title and publication release date of JK Rowling's adult novel due out in fall 2012.  Hmm...I'm intrigued.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nancy Drew's Playlist

At a website found HERE, I came across an interesting idea.  What if our favorite characters had a mixtape or playlist made for them?  What songs would there be?  They suggest for Nancy Drew a collection of songs I've never even heard of with option to stream it.  I'd be so bad at this if it were an assignment, but perhaps you can think of a character and what songs they might like.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maurice Sendak's New One

"At 82, children's-book author Maurice Sendak has created a new wild thing—a pig who longs to party.
HarperCollins will publish "Bumble-Ardy," the story of a pig who has his first-ever birthday party when he turns 9. It will have a print run of 500,000 copies. Mr. Sendak first began to develop the character in 1971 in an animated short produced for "Sesame Street," by Jim Henson.
Mr. Sendak said he had been unable to forget Bumble-Ardy. "He was funny. He was robust. He was sly. He was a sneak. He was all the things I like," Mr. Sendak said.

Maurice Sendak
Mr. Sendak has provided the illustration, story or both for more than 100 titles, including "Where the Wild Things Are," in 1963, which has sold more than 10 million copies. "Bumble-Arby" is the first book he has both illustrated and written in nearly 30 years.
The "Bumble-Ardy" video for "Sesame Street" centered on a boy whose mother goes to work on his birthday, unaware that he has invited nine pigs over in her absence. About 20 years later, Mr. Sendak sketched out a book adaptation, but he became distracted by other projects. In 2008, still captivated by the idea, he sat down at his drawing table. He transformed his boy into a pig whose parents never celebrated his birthday (in the book's dark prologue, the parents get eaten; the pig is raised by his aunt).
When Bumble's ninth birthday rolls around on June 10 (which is also Mr. Sendak's birthday), Bumble invites over a styful of pigs for a costume party: "And just in time he asked some grubby swine to come for birthday cake and brine at ten past nine."
Mr. Sendak said he changed Bumble from a boy to a pig because "boys tend, generally speaking, to be pigs."
He made a few other tweaks as well. Bumble's guests went from drinking wine on "Sesame Street" to imbibing "brine" in the book. "I didn't think I could get away with wine in this day and age," he said."