Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hobbits Make me Happy

I am getting so excited for the new movie, "The Hobbit."  The trailer is below and gives me chills.  It is one of the first fantasy books I ever read and is better than the preceding Lord of the Rings book, in my opinion.  
At this website are 6 original sketches from Tolkien for the book The Hobbit when it was first published.

Which got me thinking...
To help spread the excitement...check out these hobbit houses.  I want a circle door.  It would be perfect in a fort.  Cool, right?

This is also a great blog to check out on the subject.


  1. Hobbits make ME happy as well. There should be a t-shirt. *counting down until Sherlock Holmes season 2 and then the Hobbit!*

  2. Oh gosh! Did you hear me say to my husband yesterday, "I so long for a round door!" These are simply charming...thank you! a.

  3. "The Hobbit" is my favorite book and I cannot wait for the movie! The trailer looks amazing!