Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bathroom Books and Other Yucky Stuff

I've got three boys and also was raised with two brothers, so I know a thing or two about bathroom humor.  Now, I consider myself a lady and don't like to discuss it in public, but I thought I'd share my opinion about some of the potty humor type books out there.  
A few years ago, I read that Jack Nicholson would be reading to a stadium of people.  The article read,
Actor Jack Nicholson recently read the first book, Walter, the Farting Dog, at a fundraising benefit in Los Angeles and was struck by the age of the audience.
"Rather an older audience for this book," Nicholson observed, noting the many adults in the crowd.
Murray says the books appeal to four distinct groups of adults: pull-my-finger dads, dog owners, people called Walter, and friends of people called Walter.
Wherever he goes, Murray says dog lovers regale him with tales of their malodorous pets.
Walter is based on a real-life pooch who lived in Fredericton years ago and was renowned throughout the New Brunswick capital for his room-clearing abilities.
Murray says the Walter books should be sold in pet stores as well as in book and toy stores.

As well, he says one California company is toying with the idea of a scratch-and-sniff line of Walter books, complete with a built-in sound chip.
Looking at a bookstore display of the Walter books, Murray notes a red Press Here button that produces a wonderfully rude noise.


As you can see, the article is quite attention grabbing.  Scratch n sniff books?  Push button sound effects?    I remember thinking that of all the wonderful children's books out there in the world, why that book was chosen to read to a large crowd.  

I do own my share of books about the bathroom.  I've got Everybody Poops.  

and also other potty training books like this classic:  

and other miscellaneous gross books that you don't want on the book shelf at eye level for too long like these:

Well, the latest books in this genre are being supported by quite a publisher.  
Amazon’s publishing imprint, AmazonEncore, has announced a fall list, including a humorous book for kids written by a fourth-grade teacher.  The list consists of 10 titles that will be released in both print and e-formats, including AmazonEncore’s first children’s title, Sweet Farts: Rippin' it Old School by Raymond Bean. The book is a follow-up to Sweet Farts, which Bean published through BookSurge in 2008 and sold 11,000 copies, and will come out August 3. AmazonEncore has hired publicist Rhalee Hughes to work on the book. Hughes said the book fits into the "bathroom humor/poop fiction" genre that has played a big part in getting reluctant boy readers to get excited about books. (PW June 10, 2010) opinion?  I don't really like to read these types of books.  I don't really like to look at these types of books.  I don't really like to buy these types of books.  But I do, and I have...because they are interesting to kids, especially boys.  They want to know how things work.  They want to laugh about what is a commonplace thing, though a taboo topic in most settings.  So, if I was you, I'd have a few on my bookshelf.  It will definitely grab attention and get someone reading.  

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