Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Authors are Doing for their Books

I read that some authors are holding birthday parties for their books online for fans, which got me thinking of all the ways that authors try to get their books OFF the shelves.  Have you heard of any other creative ways to promote?
5 Options for Promoting Your Book
  • Print: flyers and posters, ads in magazines/newspapers/specialized publications, sample chapters, direct marketing, newsletter, interviews, business cards, slogans/pitches
  • Audio: radio or online interviews, read samples of your work, give reader’s reactions and comments
  • Web: website and/or blog, email marketing, online ads, sample chapters, RSS, feeds, bulletin boards or forums, ezine or newsletter, affiliate programs, online contests, webinars, advertisements (from Craigslist to GoogleAds), ebooks, podcasts, vlogging, internet memes
  • Personal appearances: BEA, ALA, local library, bookstore signings, literary festivals, teaching, school visits, speaking engagements, seminars, conferences, asking for referrals, elevator pitches, personal PR
  • Social Media: Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, LibraryThing,,; spending enough time to become part of the community; using announcements, contest, giveaways

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