Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Text Messaging

I am getting quite fast at my text messaging lately which is why this article came to mind.  

Using text message language – the OMGs, m8s and 2mros – does not harm children’s spelling abilities, new research suggests, and may even be a good sign.

The study, carried out by Canadian researchers at the University of Alberta, suggested that children who are good at spelling “real” words are also good at spelling in text speak. 
Professor Connie Varnhagen, who led the research, said: "Kids who are good spellers [academically] are good spellers in instant messaging. 
"And kids who are poor spellers in English class are poor spellers in instant messaging." 
It did find that boys who used text speak frequently tended to be worse spellers. However, girls who used a lot of abbreviations tended to be better. 
The study also found that children using text speak were using a lot of newly created words. One of the researchers, Nicole Pugh, said: "We would have to decipher the meaning of the language with online dictionaries or by asking younger siblings." 
The researchers suggest that their trial should lead to an easing of concern over the use of text speak, and teachers should perhaps start thinking of ways that the new language can be used educationally. 

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