Thursday, September 2, 2010

Books Everywhere!

This is what my house looks like many times a day.  I have lots of little one's at my house and probably five or more times a day, I have to pick up whatever books have been lovingly handled and thrown to the floor.  The mom in me is annoyed, but the reading specialist in my is delighted with the building relationship my baby and toddler are getting with books.  Many times, my third grader will request a title and we'll go searching through the shelves.

The problem is that I've only kept two shelves of children's books for my temporary home and the rest are in storage.  By "the rest" I mean probably five bookshelves worth.  Not shelves but bookshelves, worth! My next house will need a library.  I've given a lot of books away, sold many and still have books, books and more books.  These aren't even the library books which go in a special basket.  So...stay tuned for my future library pictures one day.

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