Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Timpanogas Storytelling Festival

We went for the second time to the famous Utah Storytelling festival.  This year it was my son, Carter, my mom and grandma.  It was just as fun as last year.  We got in, chose our first storyteller to see, and then got seats.  But wait!  We forgot to grab the awesome cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate!  Carter and I went back to get some and I saw one of our favorite authors reading a graphic novel quietly at a table. I told Carter, "That's Brandon Mull!"  (author of Fablehaven series and Carters favorite...The Candy Shop Wars).  I approached him to chat and introduce my own little author.  Mull was very gracious and let us take a pic and gave some writing advice.  We asked which teller he was here to see and he answered...his daughter.  His wife and kids arrived to the table and we talked with them for a few minutes.  They invited us to see her perform in 15 minutes.  So Carter and I ditched the grandma's and went to see Brandon Mull's daughter tell "Pinkalicious" with accents and everything.  She was very good!  We congratulated her as she came off the stage and went back to meet our party.  Yea...that's right.  We hang with the Mull's  now! :)

There were some awesome puppet shows this year.  

The theme this year was about quilts being an art form of storytelling.  

This quilt was cute with pictures of a grandpa with each grandchild eating cookies. 

During lunch, we were entertained by renaissance-type jesters

Here's the monkey puppet we enjoyed.  Playing with the puppets is one of our favorite things to do.  

The ever famous teller, Donald Davis

The monkey puppet we ended up buying.  He kept getting into trouble, silly monkey!

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