Sunday, November 11, 2012

Heaven Is Here

Just finished reading Heaven is Here by Stephanie Neilson.

LOVED IT!  The woven theme of motherhood is truly inspiring.  I felt like her life and my life have been an inch apart and yet miles apart as well.

I was in AZ miles away from her plane crash when it happened.  In fact, it crashed in the backyard of a friend's relative.

I had just begun blogging and heard from a blogging friend about the little family who needed help the day after it happened.  I would read the updates on her from her family and saw the countless paypal and charity options in our area to help.

Reading her thoughts, I related to her love of Elder  Holland, Cafe Rio and motherhood as the ultimate joy.  She spoke my language.

I still follow her blog at to see what her family is up to.

I admire her honesty and courage.  Read it!

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