Monday, August 1, 2011

Poetry Project

This idea is pretty common.  I've seem many teachers at many grade levels do a variation on this.  The one I like to do is this:  The Poetry Notebook.  The back few pages have notes with definitions or mini lessons like authors purpose, and the beginning section has the requirements listed below.  It ends up to be a composition notebook with decorated pages and a variety of poems that are meaningful to the person.  It's fun and definitely a keeper!

“Poetry should be like fireworks, packed carefully and artfully, ready to explode with unpredictable effects.”
Lillian Moore
“Poetry is more than meaning.  It speaks to the hears as well as the mind.  You can like a poem for what it says (mind part) or you can like a poem for how it makes you feel (heart part).  It’s the heart part that really separates poetry from other forms of writing.”
Poetry doesn’t have to be the main course- fit poetry in “around the edges of your classroom.”  Begin or end each day by having a student read a poem they have selected.
Poetry Notebook Components
1.  Title in Fancy Letters
2.  Design Relates to Poem
3.  Neatness
4.  Poem Glued in
5.  Completely Colored

Authors Purpose
To entertain
To give advice or persuade
To give information
Explain how to do something

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