Friday, August 5, 2011

More Poems

Letter C
Oh letter C, why kan't you see
you drive me up the wall!
You konstantly konfuse me.
I kan't kount on you at all.
You seem to be so sivilized,
but this is krystal klear,
I'd be a whole lot happier
if you would disappear.
I kan not komprehend you.
You make my mind a mess.
Sometimes they say you make a K,
at other times an S.
It's not that I am kareless.
It's not that I am lazy,
but letter C, why kan't you see
you drive me nearly krazy!
--Eric Ode
I Think My Dad is Dracula
I think my dad is Dracula.
I know that sounds insane,
but listen for a moment and
allow me to explain.
We don't live in a castle,
and we never sleep in caves.
But, still, there's something weird
about the way my dad behaves.
I never see him go out
in the daytime when it's light.
He sleeps all day till evening,
then he leaves the house at night.
He comes home in the morning
saying, "Man, I'm really dead!"
He kisses us goodnight, and then
by sunrise he's in bed.
My mom heard my suspicion
and she said, "You're not too swift.
Your father's not a vampire.
He just works the graveyard shift."
--Kenn Nesbitt

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