Friday, February 18, 2011


Have you ever heard of this website...

I've seen quite a few speeches on it over the years.  It is basically a conference where some of the brightest minds come and share ideas.  This years conferences are sold out already in Palm Spring, CA and Los Angeles, CA but there are still openings for the global conference in Scotland in July.  I like to just watch them online.

Some of the speeches I really like are:

Sir Ken Robinson "Schools are killing Creativity"  2010

Sir Ken Robinson "Bring on the Revolution"  2009

Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm 2007

Jamie Oliver's Teach Every Child About Food 2010

Hans Rosling "Global Population Growth" 2010

Hans Rosling "Best Stats"  2006

Hans Rosling "Let My DataSet Change your Mindset"

JK Rowling "Fringe Benefits of Failure" 2008

There are hundreds of varied topics and lot's of interesting ideas exchanged.  When you get an extra 20 minutes in your day, type in a keyword you are interested in like education and see what speeches pop up and grab your attention.  They are wonderful dinner party conversations and I always feel "smarter" after watching them.

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