Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everyday Science Experiments:

Other Investigations With the Newspaper
Created by Anne Coburn-Griffis of The Lima (Ohio) News

Whether students realize it or not, they loosely apply the scientific method throughout a typical school day. From the simple act of transferring force from their hands to close a door (Newton’s third law) to empowering fluid dynamics to send water through pipes to wet a toothbrush or rinse soapy hands, students benefit from scientific exploration.

This Newspaper In Education (NIE) curriculum guide, “Cereal Bowl Science and Other Investigations With the Newspaper,” invites teachers and parents to help students look more closely at the science behind everyday activities.

The material is divided into five modules that open with commonplace activities experienced during a school day. Each activity includes an experiment that employs the scientific method steps of investigation, specifically:

1. Observe 
2. Predict 
3. Experiment 
4. Findasolution 
5. Communicate results

The five modules are:  

1. CerealStory  (everydayphysicalscience) 
2. FogDel ay  (everydayearthscience) 
3. EyeSpy (everydaylifescience) 
4. TechTrek  (everydayscienceandtechnology) 
5. GetReading,GetRecycling...GROW!  (environmentalscienceandpersonal
social perspective enhancement)

Go HERE for the complete guide of experiments and science materials from the NAA:  Newspaper Association of America

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