Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chocolate Tasting in the Classroom

Before the break began, I was a guest reader in Carter's classroom on the last day of school.  I choose to read the new Christmas book by David Shannon and showed a picture of when I met him last summer.  Then we did an experiment with the varying degrees of cacao in chocolate.  The kids got a quick lesson on percentages and then we did a chocolate tasting with the different kinds of chocolate.  There were a few who liked the darker chocolate (70%) but it was agreed collectively that 90% was GROSS!  Kids were racing to the water fountain.  One weird fact is that no where is it revealed how much cacao is in a hershey's kiss.  We predicted due to taste and the research we did find that it has between 30-35% of cacao.  

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  1. This is another fun one that you should post the materials. If you do more of those, I can link them to a few facebook people who can get them to a lot of teachers and maybe get you more followers.