Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dunstan Baby Language DVD

Someone gave me this DVD to watch knowing I had a lot of kids.  Here's the highlights...

First three months are the fourth trimester. Babies are born with reflexes like sucking, crying, swallowing.  They are also built with a calming reflex.  It is like an automatic off switch for crying.

The 5 S's
DUDU swaddling tight with the arms down, alone will not calm them down, square blankets tucked down behind her head, makes them feel back home.  Fold top corner under head, Then down over one arm, straight up over second arm, down a tiny bit, up and around back to tuck.  About as tight as a waistband.  Legs can be straight or bent.

The Cuddle Cure = the 5 S's

  • side or stomach facing down a little bit, on their back is a position of alarm, a lot of dads like that football hold
  • shushing right into their ear or white noise, shush as loud as they are crying, hair dryers and vacuums are sometimes used.
  • swinging-head is jiggling a little like jello, you don't hold the head because it triggers the reflex.  feet shoulder width apart on floor, knees together,  babies head in hands and they jiggle back and forth on your knees, if you use swings to help with motion always recline the most or swing at the highest speed which is basically the jiggle head, motion does not hurt a baby
  • sucking-the icing on the cake, nursing or sucking your finger or pacifier,  push down on the pacifier so they think they are loosing it and suck harder to keep it in their mouth not by pushing it in their mouths.

Decrease the intensity of 5's as they calm down

The 6th S should be sleep...some babies need the movement (swing) or white noise all night long, after 3 or four months, you can release arms, decrease noise or do less movements

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