Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Public Speaking Zoo

I've used this activity for years with children and adults.  It can be a great mini lesson in alignment with the Listening and Speaking Common Core standards.  

First video tape the group speaking.  

Then teach about the animals in the zoo.  They represent what people do when speaking in front of others.  I tend to be a cheetah or a hippo.  

Have them identify what they think they might be.  Make predictions.  

Then watch the tape with no sound and identify what animal each speaker is.  

Make a visual reminder for each speaker of the animal as a way to remember to avoid these kind of distractions when public speaking.  

Public Speaking Zoo

Hyena – laughs constantly
Flamingo – stands on one foot
Mouse – whispers or talks too softly
Tiger –paces back and forth
Hippo – leans against something
Peacock – fluffing or twirling hair
Monkey – scratches their body often
Owl – hides or lowers head behind something
Cat - Licks their fingers when passing things out
Hummingbird - Voice shakes when speaking
Lion – talks too loudly
Cheetah - Talks too fast

Turtle - Talks too slow


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