Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween Classroom Parties

If you are a room mom, a teacher or a parent volunteer, you face the same dilemma every holiday of what to do for the class party.  Here are a few ideas.  

First, I can't say enough good things about my mini "Claw" game that I bought a few years ago at CVS drugstore for $20.00.  It has come in handy countless times.   Throw a couple snack size Halloween candies and hand the kids a penny and it is a big hit!

We made a big Treat or Treat poster and gave each child in the small group a squinky to be their player.  With a roll of the dice, they moved about the game board and either landed on a trick (which was a choice of games) or a treat (candy).  

Some of the tricks (games) included mini golf that I bought in the toy section of the grocery store.

Mini basketball

One of those fishing games

A mini pool table.

There is something about mini games that are always a big hit.  


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