Thursday, July 31, 2014

PhD Time in Logan

For my PhD program, we have to spend time on campus for residency although we are distance students. For our final summer, here are the highlights.  

I move up to Logan for the summer and stay with the best family who offers me a great room at a great!

We spend 8 hours a day in class.  

Then we go play a little before hours and hours of homework into the wee hours of the morning.  Here's the group of us.

This is the stretching that happens right before literacy.  It was followed up by a lot of modern dance moves which is sometimes defined as literacy according to some New Literacies theories that say that anything (clothes, movement, and so on) can be literacy.

This is a screenshot of a paper we were collectively writing on google docs but my classmate would add nonsense in to keep up on our toes.  You had to be there! :)

My husband teases me that I get so adventurous when I eat on trips with food I would usually never try.  Like this awesome Indian restaurant in a gas station.  Or that amazing steak from the El Salvador restaurant.

And it's just not a summer in Logan without lots of trips to the Aggie Ice Cream Shop.  Happy studying!


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