Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Metafiction in children's books

If you haven't heard of metafiction, here are some links to inform you. I think I've been a fan of it before it even "was."  Some say the complex nature of plots, and the blurring of fiction and reality is too hard for children to understand and that you never can get to a full comprehension.  I personally think this genre is pretty cool.  In the picture book world, it is influencing what is called the "postmodern picturebook." It brings the reader into a relationship with the characters, making it a more active and entertaining process. 

There's a link HERE for a few more examples. 

I think that's why The Monster at the End of this Book was always a favorite.  It broke the rules of convention having the narrator talk to the reader. 

There's a new book out by Jon Scieska called "Battle Bunny" that follows the rules (or nonrules) of metafiction. There is witing on the pages, things added to an old nice story by the same kid a few years after he got the book, and is older.  Really creative!

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