Sunday, October 7, 2012

Frankenmom's and MomShells

Ever heard these terms?  It's new and it's on my mind.

Here's a book I want and an article that supports it.  Having just had a baby three months ago.  I completely agree!

How to Look Hot in a Minivan

"Call them "momshells" (mother-as-bombshell) for bouncing back after having a baby and jumping right back into their busy Hollywood careers looking svelte and stylish with no signs of baby weight.
Janice Min spearheaded many of those kinds of covers during her six-year stint as editor of US Weekly, but now, after giving birth to her third child, she's pushing back against what she calls unhealthy pressure on everyday new moms.
In a new article for the The New York Times, the 42-year-old Min says, "…the notion that instantly stick-thin figures after birth are normal is untrue. Sometimes, in my sleep-deprived nights, I ponder our ideal of this near-emaciated, sexy and well-dressed Frankenmom we've created and wonder how to undo her."
Read the NYTimes article HERE

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