Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grand Finale's

One of the things I love about my first grader is the way she comes home every day, comes straight to me and unloads her backpack of important papers that she is supposed to give her mom.  I don't know when it began but she started doing her grand finale each day which was whatever she deemed the most cool thing in her backpack.  

One day it was this hat for her Three Billy Goats Gruff play that week.  

Here's a video of another day and the grand finale.  

More grand finale's were:

I've realized that each day when she comes home, I get very excited to see what the Grand Finale is going to be.  Sometimes it's a 100% on spelling test, or an art project, or the tootsie roll from the treat jar.  I love it just as much as her.

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