Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Writer's Notebooks

I've been on the search for my next journal or "writers notebook."  For those of you who've never heard of's a journal of sorts that you keep with you at all times for thoughts, plot, bits of you life...whatever.  I don't bear my soul in these...but keep it less personal and more productive.  I've been known to have lists of things in way too many places so it's nice that I contain my thoughts in one spot. From there you can look back and gain nuggets that can turn into a story.  Here have been my latest writers notebooks.  Choosing the perfect one reflects the stage of life at the time and has to really mean something to you. I haven't found my next one yet but I'm on the lookout.

My daughter got a hold of it...


  1. Writer's notebooks are special. I love the pictures, especially your daughter's post.

  2. I've often wished I had whatever magic it takes to keep a writer's notebook...but when I've tried, I've always misplaced it! Sigh. Good luck to you finding your next one!