Saturday, March 5, 2011

Business Books

I thought I'd highlight some of the business books I've read in the past few years with my MBA husband.  In fact, at one school that I loved to visit in Arizona, the principal would choose one management/leadership or education type book for the whole staff and they would read it by christmas and have a book discussion party about how it applies to them  Then they would frame the book cover and put it outside his office.  I thought it was a good idea.

This one below is one that many schools in Arizona are using to create a schoolwide management and motivation program.

This one was recommended to me by my sister and after a test, it identifies your top five strengths to highlight in your career setting.  My husband has taken the test, but not me.  It was right on.

 An older book but still one referred to a lot in setting where change is taking place.  In a failing school, it is a very useful book to read and keep in mind because there is tons of turnover, curriculum adoptions and "change."

I like this author.  Definitely worth a read.

I've read the first book Freakonomics but haven't read this one yet.  I've heard my brother loved it though.

 Some oldies, but goodies. 

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  1. A Borders by us is closing, so I have been dying to buy some books. My work did the bucket philosophy, as well as FISH and strengthfinders. I was happy to see a FISH and Strengthfinders book specifically for teachers and schools. Those are added to my list now. I like the idea about a whole school doing new books. My student teaching school did the bucket one, but I never saw it used. The bucket just sat in the classroom. I'll read this all with you!