Friday, October 15, 2010

Kids and Technology Study Findings

A few findings from the survey done by Scholastic:
  • 28% of kids (ages 9-17) think that looking through postings or comments on social networking sites like Facebook counts as reading; only 15% of parents agree.
  • 25% of kids (ages 6-17) have read a book on a digital device (the majority on a computer or laptop/netbook).
  • 43% of kids and parents say that, when reading books for fun, it is most important for children’s imagination to be expanded, while about a third say the most important outcome is for children to gain inspiration through characters and storylines (36% kids/35% parents), with about one in five saying it is to gain information (21% kids/22% parents).
  • 86% of kids feel proud and have a sense of accomplishment when they finish reading a book.
  • Only 50% of kids say reading books for fun is extremely or very important; compared to 89% of parents.
  • 71% of parents wish their child would read more books for fun. 75% of children (ages 9-17) say they know they should read more.

The study also reveals that today's children have a broad view of what constitutes reading: 25% of kids (age 9-17) think texting back and forth with friends counts as reading. Most parents don't agree – only 8% of parents count texting as reading.
The report found that the power of choice is a key factor in raising a reader. Nine out of ten children say that they are more likely to finish book they choose themselves. And parents don’t try to overly influence that choice toward award winners or classic literature. Nine out of 10 parents say "As long as my child is reading, I just want my child to read books he/she likes."

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